Arbitrating Patent Disputes Vol. 3: Patent Arbitration Binds Only the Parties

Posted by Marc R. Labgold, Ph.D. | Jan 12, 2023 | 0 Comments

It is commonly understood that an arbitration award only binds the party to the arbitration.  This “inter partes” aspect of arbitration, however, can have unappreciated consequences in patent arbitration. 

For a patent owner, if an asserted patent is invalidated in a national court, the patent claims at issue are invalidated erga omnesi.e. towards everyone.  Hence, it cannot be asserted against any party.  However, because arbitral awards are binding only on the parties to the arbitration and,  as will be discussed in an upcoming post, can be subject to strict confidentiality, arbitral invalidation of the patent may not affect the enforceability of the patent against other possible infringers.

Similarly, for the accused infringer, patent invalidation through arbitration would eliminate personal liability without providing windfall immunity to their competitors.

Thus, this feature of patent arbitration can be a significant benefit to patent holders and accused infringers alike. 

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Marc R. Labgold, PhD, is a registered U.S. patent attorney with nearly 30 years of experience specializing in patent litigation and international commercial arbitration.  He is an independent arbitrator listed on numerous distinguished panels ...


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